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Vibrational Control

One key to the unique sound quality of every LaGlass system is the elimination of detrimental structural vibrations through the transformation of glass, and a new baffle and speaker clamping arrangement. These technologies are the result of extensive accelerometer studies, which in depth explored the mechanisms behind structural vibrations in loudspeaker systems. Click here to download a PDF-document with detailed information.

These studies clearly show that even supposedly rigid conventional loudspeaker system structures still vibrate considerably. While stiff box structures mainly result in isolated high-Q resonances, the inherently weak panel of open baffles is in contrast plagued by faster decaying broadband phenomena.

Optimized Room Interaction

Another cornerstone that leads to unparalleled performance is a strategic loudspeaker / room interaction that considerably reduces the negative impact on sound reproduction of ordinary real world rooms.

Due to the strategic combination of monopole and dipole line and point source radiation patterns, less room modes are excited, and the effect of colored reflections from ceiling, floor and the side walls drastically reduced. Furthermore, a very even balance can be achieved over a wide and deep listening area.

Unique Transducer Technology

Now that the performance is no longer compromised by structural vibrations and strong room effects, virtually flawless transducers are allowed to really excel. The greatest care has been taken to develop and select technologies that enable perfectly controlled moving parts and advanced FEM-optimized magnetic drives leading to vanishing low energy storage and non-linear distortion.