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The unique LaGlass technology enabled the creation of a new chapter in ultra-high quality loudspeaker systems. One key technology of these exceptional sound reproduction systems is the transformation of ringing fragile glass into unbreakable silence.

In order to reach the superlative that only perfectly controlled diaphragms and no other parts of the system are allowed to vibrate and produce sound, a large number of true innovations were developed. Many of these solutions feature exceptional advantages in an automotive environment, both regarding unparalleled performance and cost reduction.

Key Advantages

Cross Baffle Arrangement

The Ideal Way to Mount a Speaker

The LaGlass concept revolutionizes a century of loudspeaker mounting by centrally clamping the inert magnetic drive to a rigid structure. The result is an inherent elimination of detrimental structural vibrations and resonances revealed by new measurement techniques. For the first time, the negative effect of the inevitable reaction forces on sound quality can be avoided in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Automotive environments are particularly challenging regarding sound reproduction. The LaGlass technology allows unparalleled performance and cost reduction through the following key advantages.

The Enchantment of the Ear

As the structural vibrations of the loudspeaker’s basket and the interior in the vicinity of the loudspeaker contribute to the linear and non-linear distortion, the LaGlass technology is a prerequisite to do justice to the latest low distortion designs.

The centrally clamped magnetic drive enables the direct coupling of the reaction forces to a rigid non-resonant structure of the vehicle. This allows an extremely firm fixation in space ensuring maximum clarity and dynamics of the sound. At the same time bolts and nuts attaching the rim of the basket can be eliminated creating the opportunity for substantial cost saving. The tight and sturdy fixation facilitates the design of safer, more durable interiors and increases build quality through the elimination of buzz and rattle

Both ultra-high quality and cost effective standard quality cone speakers compatible with automotive environments can readily be produced by one of most renowned speaker manufacturers of the world. Thus, an immediate implementation of the LaGlass technology’s unique advantages is achievable under very favorable conditions.

The Enchantment of the Eye

The elegant concealed fastening mechanism creates entirely new opportunities regarding the interior design of automobiles. Increased freedom with respect to the speaker placement and the choice and properties of covering materials are just two examples. At the same time, development cost can be reduced significantly.

The LaGlass technology gives maximum autonomy to the designer and helps to create distinctive, yet discreet, interiors that embody supreme craftsmanship and a distinguished image.

The Achievement

The LaGlass concept is the foundation of a new line of unique ultra-high quality loudspeaker systems.

Used in an automotive environment, these innovations offer unequaled opportunities regarding maximum sound quality, stylish interiors, increased safety, as well as a distinct image and a substantially reduced cost structure